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Wiska A in 'Angel Perverse 13'

Wiska A - Angel Perverse 13

Bottle blonde Wiska looks great in a red crotchless teddie and knee-high red boots, and she's already playing with her pussy as we fade in. Very in touch with herself, Wiska loves dipping two fingers to the second knuckle and licking the residue from her hand. She also has a matching red dildo vibrator that she dips and pumps into her vagina, the lips clutching the shaft. She decides it's too small, however, and steps up to a long double-headed dong. The slim blonde ends up using both toys to double-penetrate herself, then moves up to the real bruiser - a realistic cock dildo that's thicker than her forearm. She warms it up between her breasts before using it to spread her hole so wide it's practically a circle, as her asshole puckers in response. Finally, she works the big toy nearly down to its base up her colon! But there's one more, even bigger toys to come ...