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Valerie Luxe in 'Phat Bottom Girls 2'

Valerie Luxe - Phat Bottom Girls 2

Brunette Valerie Lux is strutting her big, bulky, nearly nude ass at poolside, clad in gold lame bikini and opera gloves. The sun gleams off her cheeks as she jiggles and wiggles, painstakingly working her bottoms down, taunting. Once she's totally nude she perches on a convenient chair left at poolside, arching her ass over it and liberally coating her cheeks and pussy in oil until it's dribbling to the concrete. During an extended ass and pussy show, Manuel has her move from the chair to her belly on a chaise lounge, the emphasis always remaining on the cheeks she constantly pulls apart for inspection. When she finally makes her way inside to the bedroom and gets on her hands and knees on the day bed, Manuel's nose is up her ass immediately. He flips her over and over, eating ass and pussy, until she grabs hold of him and starts jacking and sucking his cock, as he smacks her forehead in gratitude. He slumps down to the floor and she perches on his face, burying it between her cheeks and wiggling down even a little deeper, as she leans forward to jack and suck some more. Manuel jumps up and after a few moments of missionary starts jack-hammering Valerie doggie-style, as she reaches back and grabs his balls. The pair fuck through several positions, each one punctuated by Valerie taking a ride on Manuel's face as he begs for more. Finally, after a bout of doggie, the Frenchman squirts his seed into Valerie's open mouth, and she cleans off his uncut cock, a large amount of spit and cum drooling down her chin and onto her natural breasts