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Melanie Moore in 'Buttwoman 2'

Melanie Moore - Buttwoman 2

In the wild 1990s: Tianna (aka Buttwoman) is relaxing at home when fellow pornographer Melanie Moore calls, needing a place to shoot some girl-girl action. Melanie brings two new, butt-blessed models (blonde Suzie Matthews and brown-haired Tawny) over to Tianna's place. After Melanie takes still photos, Tianna takes over with her video camera, and soon an all-female ass-eating orgy is underway! Fingers, tongues, dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons and anal beads all come into play. And all that play leaves girl cum all over the tongues and toys!

Madison in 'Buttwoman 2'

Madison - Buttwoman 2

In the crazy 1990s: Police Captain Lia Baren joins detective Ari, Tianna (aka Buttwoman) and cellmate Mikela in an all-girl, jailhouse muff diving orgy. The ladies - both cop and criminal - lose their inhibitions as they masturbate, eat juicy pussy and pound each other with phallic toys ... all as short-haired pervert Tianna captures the action on video. Lia even climbs the cell bars at the head of their nasty lesbian daisy chain! The cops oil up Mikela's fine ass and violate her with anal dildos, then turn their attention to Tianna. Everybody gangs up to make Buttwoman cum!

Tianna B in 'Buttwoman'

Tianna B - Buttwoman

In classic footage, camcorder-wielding Tianna, a.k.a. Buttwoman, stalks and chases gorgeous, hard-bodied jogger Trixie Tyler. The sultry redhead realizes the camerawoman is merely looking for lesbian love, so Trixie seduces Tianna, bringing the spunky, shorthaired blonde home for an indoor anal workout. The beautiful ladies take turns videotaping each other, licking and fingering tight, puckered assholes. Tianna invades Trixie's openings with a big, phallic toy and oils up the redhead's chest to massage and slap her globular tits. Trixie shoves a dildo into her new friend and pulls anal beads out of Buttwoman's anus for an orgasmic ending to a perfect day.

Porsche Lynn in 'Buttwoman'

Porsche Lynn - Buttwoman

In classic footage, blonde dominatrix Porsche Lynn and her naturally busty, big-assed slave girl Heather Hart, dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and white thigh boots, are miffed at camerawoman Tianna for showing up late to their video session. While Tianna tapes, Porsche whacks Heather with a riding crop and slaps her plump, pale ass cheeks. The lesbian couple enlist Tianna in the spanking fun, and they orchestrate a butt-licking sex toy three-way that leads to bitchy Porsche getting double-penetrated by two strap-on dildos!

Nikki Wilde in 'Buttwoman'

Nikki Wilde - Buttwoman

In classic footage, two bikini blondes - shorthaired Kathleen Gentry and big-titted Nikki Wilde - stretch by the pool, which allows their pal Tianna (a.k.a. Buttwoman) to get some great leg and butt shots with her camcorder. Kathleen and Nikki get into the water and tease Tianna with their fine, wet asses. Inside, the horny couple dances and grinds on one another to the music; then all these sexy ladies converge with vibrators, probing fingers and tongues for an orgasmic lesbian threesome.

Bionca Bradley in 'Buttwoman'

Bionca Bradley - Buttwoman

In classic footage, lusty blonde Tianna (a.k.a. Buttwoman) spies on brunette photographer Bionca and her hardbodied, slutty model, Summer Knight. Hanging around outside Bionca's suburban dungeon with her camcorder, Tianna sneaks inside while Summer does a sexy grind for the photographer, showing off her round titties and tight bubble rump. When Bionca starts licking Summer's sweet pussy, Buttwoman is discovered trespassing. Whoops! Bionca and Summer hang the interloper upside-down; playfully spank her plump ass; orally worship her feet and butthole; and apply vibrators and toys in an orgasmic lesbian threesome.

Heather Lere in 'Buttwoman'

Heather Lere - Buttwoman

In classic, long-lost footage, Tianna (a.k.a. Buttwoman) livens things up at the porn company office by videotaping the shapely legs and asses of co-workers Heather Lere, K.C. Williams and Missy Warner. Wandering through the workplace with her camcorder, Buttwoman eagerly shoots video footage of their fine buttocks peeking out of skintight mini-dresses. Soon the entire group is lewdly masturbating at their desks, bending over for action. The gorgeous office sluts reach climax with probing fingers, toys and tongues in this anally obsessive mass lesbian lickfest.