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Saana in 'Anal Attack 6'

Saana - Anal Attack 6

David Perry is dressed like a gay man's nightmare vision of Elvis, plunking on a toy guitar. "I'm still working on that song," he insists to Raul, so the director goes to the other room, where Brianna Beach and Daryl Hanah are dressed in matching and contrasting black and red lingerie, already playing around and spanking each other. Their play morphs into a full-blown lesbian escape, with Brianna on her knees munching on Daryl's proffered pussy, soon whipping out a vibrator. Perry enters the scene, sliding on his back under the girls' stacked asses so he can taste-test at will. Brianna keeps bouncing on his face while Daryl sucks his cock solo until the other girl joins her. Daryl climbs on his lap for a cowgirl ride, with Brianna performing pussy to mouth service. The ménage a trois continues with the two girls crawling all over Perry like kittens, trading off positions frequently. Then David invades Daryl's anus and enjoys himself while Brianna kibitzes. After Daryl tastes her own ass on Perry's duck, Raul lines the trio up in a daisy chain, with Daryl in the middle, getting ass-fucked while she munches on her girlfriend's pussy. After some more double bj, David stacks the two asses and goes back and forth between them, until he can't hold it anymore, and the girls scramble to share his cum.

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Saana in 'Stunning Blonde Saana Earns a Facial After Sloppy Blowjob'

Saana - Stunning Blonde Saana Earns a Facial After Sloppy Blowjob

Sexy blonde Saana is back in Private's smash hit sequel Cum on My Face 6! This gorgeous curvy tourist is desperate for hard cock and she finds it all too quickly, dropping to her knees to wrap her luscious lips around a real stiff dick. This slut spills her lipstick all over his fat cock while giving him some sensual deep throat and then uses her hands and tongue to drain his cum. After giving her tonsils a hard workout, she earns herself a nice sticky facial to finish.