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Miss Sixty in 'Winking 101 in Russia'

Miss Sixty - Winking 101 in Russia

Crimson-tressed Mz. Berlin stands in black latex and fishnets at the handrail of the grand staircase at Manuel's house, surveying her blonde slavegirl Dia Zerva, who waits at the foot of the steps kneeling. Berlin descends and strips Dia, then ties her leash to to the iron rail. Loosening her mouth and then her ass with a modest buttplug, Berlin notes, "that was a little too easy ... you definitely need a bigger one." She spanks her, and makes her crawl as far as her leash will let her as she whips her ass with a flogger. Then she introduces the next size buttplug, which Dia screams about, though her cries are muffled by the previous buttplug, which has been jammed in her mouth. Berlin sits on the step above her and lets her service her through her fishnets. Once they get to the top the stairs Berlin flogs her long and hard before twisting her so Dia's ass is above her own face. Berlin stuffs her ass with a new toy, then goes to town on her pussy with a Magic Wand, making her orgasm. Putting her on all fours, Berlin puts Dia's tongue in chopstick bondage and then canes her ass to a blazing red hue with splotches of purple. Turning her over, she beats her pussy and then, using a glass tube, cups her clit, sucking it up into the tube until it's swollen and protruding. Next, hapless Dia has an elaborate gag with a vibrator on it attached to her face, and Berlin gets on her hands and knees for a good fucking. But if Dia thinks she's earned a reprieve, she's mistaken, because next Berlin has plans for her slavegirl's asshole ... very creative plans.