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Malia Kelly in 'Face Fucking Inc 7'

Malia Kelly - Face Fucking Inc 7

Malia Kelly is a small-breasted, blonde girl-next-door type from Oregon, and Joey loves her tits. "Do you play sports?" "I played basketball and soccer. I was pretty good," she admits, smiling. "If you're an athlete, you should be able to adjust to this stuff," Joey advises as naked Italian stud Claudio Meloni strides over and starts spanking her ass, turning the fair skin red immediately. Though initially quiet and shy, Malia takes to having her throat violated like a natural, smiling and sucking up the long stringers of goo connecting her chin and Claudio's cock when he allows her up for air. She enjoys herself so much that after the stud spills his load she shows Joey what she's learned in a POV epilogue combining deep throat and handjob.