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Leya Desantis in 'LEYA DESANTIS Ass Gaping, Pussy Squirt'

Leya Desantis - LEYA DESANTIS Ass Gaping, Pussy Squirt

Exquisite redhead Leya Desantis reclines in sexy black heels, stockings and lingerie. Fair-skinned Leya calls repairman David Perry over to inspect her bathtub. David's busy working as she enters, strips and gets into the tub. Stunned David succumbs to her seductive ways, letting her suck his cock. He slips his schlong up her slippery cunt. Leya's natural tits jiggle as her shaved slit massages his meat. David tongues her butthole in a pervy rim job. Leya takes a doggie-style anal reaming. The repairman drills her flowering, pink asshole to gaping! Leya tastes her backdoor flavor with an ass-to-mouth blowjob. And he fingers her twat to a squirting orgasm! David poles her holes relentlessly. The crimson-haired babe strokes his flesh rod until he spews his foamy nut onto her pierced tongue. Sticky-chinned Leya plays with his sperm, drooling it onto her boobs.

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Leya Desantis in 'My Eyes Are Up Here'

Leya Desantis - My Eyes Are Up Here

A cute dress with a miniskirt will leave everyone who lays eyes on Leya wanting her body, but today she's saving herself for her vibrator. She takes her time undressing and spends plenty of time enjoying some tit play before she grabs her toy and presses the tip to her clit for a buzzing orgasm.

Leya Desantis in 'Fire'

Leya Desantis - Fire

Leya Desantis is the definition of sex on two legs as the hot redhead struts her stuff in her cute street clothes, but she's a total vixen as her clothes hit the floor. She has perfect all natural boobs tipped with hard nips you'll want to roll your tongue over. Save room for a nice bare pussy feast, too.

Leya Desantis in 'Butterflies'

Leya Desantis - Butterflies

When it's time for bed, it's not unusual for Leya Desantis to peel off the sheer bras and thongs she likes to sleep in and go to work on her bare coochie with a vibrating toy. She's feeling the urge today, so she begins with a bit of feeling herself up before she gets herself off.

Leya Desantis in 'All You Can Eat'

Leya Desantis - All You Can Eat

Hungarian redhead Leya Desantis cannot wait to get home and peel her clothes off. In fact, this coed is so eager that she makes it no further than the kitchen before she's nude and feeling up her hard nips and plush boobs. When she gets to her bald twat, she's already wet and eager to cum.