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Lenina Crowne in 'Red hot Redhead Lenina Gets Her Cute Ass Filled Up'

Lenina Crowne - Red hot Redhead Lenina Gets Her Cute Ass Filled Up

Lenina never thought she would run into Christian again. But fate has plans in store for her to run into Christian one more time for a night they will never forget.

Lenina Crowne in 'Calls Over Her Fuck Buddy'

Lenina Crowne - Calls Over Her Fuck Buddy

Lenina Crowne feels horny all of a sudden, so she sends a message to her fuck buddy, Max Dior. Using only three words, Lenina easily got Max's attention. She doesn't need to wait long before the man comes rushing to her door. Lenina and Max waste no time at all. They immediately make out with each other. Max takes the initiative, giving Lenina the pussy licking she deserves. Not wanting to let Max do all the work, Lenina gives him a blowjob. After the brief exchange, Max fucks Lenina doggystyle. Lenina loudly moans as she rides Max's dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Max tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Lenina's pussy while spooning her. He continues fucking the sexy hottie before dumping his cum on her face.

Lenina Crowne in 'Squeezing In A Sneaky Fucking'

Lenina Crowne - Squeezing In A Sneaky Fucking

Lenina Crowne and Danny D, a hot and horny power couple on a business trip, are desperately trying to get their morning nut in without the persistent hotel maid catching them in the act. Lenina can't get enough of Danny's big cock as the sneaky couple fuck in the bedroom and bathroom…until Lenina's big tits are covered in cum!

Lenina Crowne in 'Is A Horny Redhead With Big Tits'

Lenina Crowne - Is A Horny Redhead With Big Tits

Lenina Crowne is a sexy redhead who is always ready to please a cock. The gorgeous hottie with big tits can't hide her excitement as she unzips her man's jeans. Lenina gives the lucky stud a handjob and blowjob, enjoying every inch of his hard dick. She also puts her massive boobs to good use, giving the man a titjob. Lenina can't help but moan out loud as she rides the man's cock like a real cowgirl. Her firm booty gracefully bounces as she enjoys the man's dick in reverse cowgirl. Lenina gives the man another blowjob before letting him fuck her bald pussy in missionary and spoon. The blue-eyed hottie drops to her knees and strokes the guy's dick until he blasts his cum all over her beautiful face.

Lenina Crowne in 'No-Tell Motel Part 1'

Lenina Crowne - No-Tell Motel Part 1

Welcome to the No-Tell Motel, where the showers don't work and pervy manager Danny D is sure to be spying on you. When hotties Gina Varney and Lenina Crown (along with Gina's boyfriend) book a room, Danny immediately starts creeping on them from behind the wals. And it turns out Danny made a good choice, because these two girls are horny AF. First, they start making out and feeling up each other's tits behind the boyfriend's back, then they start fucking when Danny comes in to fix the shower. Danny shows off his big dick to the girls and they're happy to have him join in for a hot threesome, once the boyfriend is safely out of the room. Danny csan't believe his luck, as he gets to pump a load of hot cum all over both women's faces.

Lenina Crowne in 'The Gift Of Cock 2'

Lenina Crowne - The Gift Of Cock 2

Lenina Crowne is a high maintenance boss currently driving her overworked employees insane. They just want a little peace from her constant nagging. One of these employees has a connection who might be able to help: Danny D! The next day, Lenina walks into her office to find a mysterious dick sticking out the top of her desk. Incredulous but horny, Lenina sucks the dick, then rides it on the desk (as the pervy employees watch). Danny eventually pulls himself out of the desk's interior, revealing himself to be the mystery dick. Lenina is all too happy to have him finish her off face-to-face. After Danny's magnificent cumshot, Lenina is so impressed that she offers him a job... but that's not Danny's style. His wandering cock is always looking for new places, new experiences, new holes to fill.

Lenina Crowne in 'Lenina Gets A Workout'

Lenina Crowne - Lenina Gets A Workout

Sexy redhead Lenina Crowne is exercising and stretching in her living room when she pulls a leg muscle. Luckily, her boyfriend, Dick Dixxon, is around to give Lenina a much needed massage. When Dick's fingers wander up to Lenina's pussy, she decides that her workout has just begun.