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Krystal Swift in 'Big and Real'

Krystal Swift - Big and Real

During a music video starring four busty party girls, Mike Chapman gets nut-punched by ultra-voluptuous slut Sensual Jane. Mike staggers outdoors and gets some tender loving care from top-heavy Veronika, Manuella and Tye, who cure his discomfort by pouring milk over his head and squeezing their wobbly, pendulous breasts against his head before having a nasty anal session. Mike cums onto their massive tits. Meanwhile, director Rocco Siffredi and Jane have an intimate, boob-fucking good time. Rocco worships her hairless pussy and big bazooms; Jane rides his cock. Their energetic banging climaxes with a creamy ejaculation in Jane's amazing cleavage.

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Krystal Swift in 'A Fucky Coin'

Krystal Swift - A Fucky Coin

Our whole life is a game, and the people in it are gamblers. Sometimes I too would like to plunge headlong into a real game, a gambling one, a hot one, one in which life itself would be the stakes. Or at least sex. It's great that when I walked around the city I met them, a couple of gamblers willing to do anything to win. Or maybe just to play. And, of course, they had no idea that I never lost...

Krystal Swift in 'Curvy Krystal'

Krystal Swift - Curvy Krystal

George Uhl cannot contain himself with his co-worker Krystal Swift. She teases him with her curves and massive tits till he can no longer stand it. How could anyone resist her plump, juicy ass. Voluptuous hardcore sex will leave any man bursting with cum!

Krystal Swift in 'The girlfriend who's also a porn star'

Krystal Swift - The girlfriend who's also a porn star

Krystal Swift reminds me of Sandra Star. The two look nothing alike (other than the fact that they're both blondes) and Krystal is Czech while Sandra is German. But they both have this thing about them, and I'm going to try to explain.

Krystal Swift in 'The Hair Salon Hottie'

Krystal Swift - The Hair Salon Hottie

Krystal Swift is the hottie hairdresser in the kind of salon we wish existed in real life. It doesn't so we had to create it. Krystal is back at SCORE because of numerous requests since her debut last year. Krystal's customer gets to leave his hair in her hands. Then his cock in her hands. And in her mouth, pussy and between her big boobs. "You have nice tits," says Dennis as he gets a scalp massage by Krystal, his face a few millimeters away from her deep cleavage. "Oh, maybe you want to see them?" asks Krystal. These Czech hairstylists! Why aren't Americans as helpful and as eager-to-please? Krystal happily pulls out her twin props and Dennis starts sucking and motor-boating them. His hair treatment is forgotten.