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Klaudia Kelly in 'Marshmallow Girls 03'
Klaudia Kelly - Marshmallow Girls 03

Pale blonde BBW Klaudia Kelly poses seductively, showing off bouncy boobs, fleshy ass and a deep crack. Black stud D Snoop worships her body, but she's ticklish! Snoop eats her shaved pussy and dicks her down as her big bosoms softly sway. A pussy-to-mouth blow job is wet and lewdly noisy, with spit flowing to lube a titty fuck. After a doggie-style plowing, he shoves his face up her ass; Snoop rims her butthole and fingers her wet gash. More dog-style slamming makes Klaudia groan and blush orgasmically. They share 69; what a cocksucker she is! In a sweaty, skin-slammin' interracial ride, Klaudia's butt humps, her fun bags shimmy and her pussy creams cock. Snoop pulls out to spunk her big, fleshy butt.

Klaudia Kelly in 'Curvy Chicks Love Dicks'
Klaudia Kelly - Curvy Chicks Love Dicks

The scene opens on a close-up of bleach-blonde Klaudia Kelly's face, and we see that the pale, naturally buxom BBW is enjoying the pussy eating and fingering attentions of bearded black dude Mickey Mod. Klaudia deep-throats his big black cock, producing slobbery sounds and bubbling spit. We see her lacy lingerie and heels as the couple kisses, and then Mickey mounts her for a doggie-style plowing that sets Klaudia's big butt rumbling. She squeals and grips the pillow, her fleshy, white body blushing pink in orgasm. Klaudia masturbates through a skin-slappin' fuck and sucks cock pussy-to-mouth. Riding like a cowgirl, her massive ass quakes and snaps down on the dick. After more spit-flowing fellatio, Klaudia licks Mickey's ball sac and he jacks semen onto her tongue. The satisfied woman sucks his dick clean.

Klaudia Kelly in 'Evil BBW Gold 03 - Oiled'
Klaudia Kelly - Evil BBW Gold 03 - Oiled

Buoyant blonde BBW Klaudia Kelly is flying in to meet chubby, cherubic brunette Holly Jayde for an oily, erotic anal threesome. These bouncy beauties torment muscular stud Christian, poking his torso with their wicked high heels. Klaudia and Holly take turns servicing his rock-hard cock with wet, slobbery blow jobs and riding his prick, their big, wobbly asses glistening with grease. Holly tongues her new girlfriend's anus and loosens Klaudia with an anal toy. Christian ruthlessly butt-fucks the big blonde and lets Holly clean off his prick ass-to-mouth. After Klaudia gets a mouthful of sperm, the girls share a kiss.