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Kate Quinn in 'Kate Quinn, Wild Debut'

Kate Quinn - Kate Quinn, Wild Debut

Kate Quinn is a sexy brunette who loves to climb and fuck wildly, and today, she's come to Private Movies, Mountain Crush 3 to prove it! A spectacular debut is in store for this beauty, who begins her Private career in some style as she not only climbs the mountainside… but ascends Potro's cock too! So watch Kate in action right here on as she takes outdoor sports to a whole new level with an incredible fuck atop the mountain that includes breath-taking views, top quality cock sucking and a refreshing facial to finish!

Emilie Crystal in 'Living The Dream - S43:E17'

Emilie Crystal - Living The Dream - S43:E17

Dressed in all-white sheer lingerie, Kate Quinn and Emilie Crystal are ready for passion. The girls have paired themselves up with Michael Fly, who joins his lovers in kissing and caressing as they slowly unveil one another's bodies. Emilie relieves Kate of her bra and drops to her knees to lick the shorter girl's nipples. Then she gets to her feet so that Kate can give her the same treatment.Topless, the girls both turn their attention to Michael. They help him out of his briefs and go to work stroking and sucking for his pleasure. The ladies share so nicely as they take turns sucking dick and slurping the balls. All Michael has to do is lean back against the window and enjoy the ride as he experiences a hot double blowjob.When Michael switches spots with Kate and Emilie so that the girls have their backs pressed against the windows, he gets on his knees and uses both hands and his mouth. He alternates which pussy he's feasting on. All the while, he keeps the other girl's party going with his talented hands.Finally relocating to the bed, Kate gets on her back while Emilie kneels between her thighs, lapping at that cream filled twat. Michael watches the show for a minute before joining in. Getting Emilie onto her knees, he slides home into her fuck hole in doggy while Kate and Emilie make out.Kate remains on her back as Michael and Emilie shift around. Soon Emilie is happily astride Kate's face with her pussy at the perfect height for a good licking. In the meantime, Michael slides home into Kate's velvet glove to give her the D.Michael gets on his back next so the girls can choose their own adventure. Emilie gets the first ride in reverse cowgirl as Kate licks and strokes her girlfriend from tits to clit. Then Kate climbs aboard in cowgirl before turning around to bounce away in reverse cowgirl. Emilie remounts herself on Michael's fuck stick one last time in cowgirl, riding him until Michael is ready to pop. She lifts off the cock just in time for Michael to nut all over her bum, leaving a tasty mess for Kate to lap up.

Kate Quinn in 'Watch Me Play'

Kate Quinn - Watch Me Play

Kate Quinn is back for another round of sexy fun and we cannot wait to see that spinner bod. Her nipples are a treat you'll want to lick and suck, but don't forget there's so much more to come as she spreads her thighs and invites you to enjoy the way her talented fingers make her moan.

Kate Quinn in 'Put On A Show'

Kate Quinn - Put On A Show

Russian babe Kate Quinn is just so easy to enjoy with her plump breasts tipped with those big suckable nipples. If you can tear your eyes away from that feast, you'll be rewarded with her cream filled fuck hole. Watch those fingers slip and slide down that slit as she warms herself up for the main event.

Kate Quinn in 'Feeling Myself'

Kate Quinn - Feeling Myself

Do you like Kate Quinn in pigtails, or do you prefer her long hair hanging loose? Either way, this super skinny brunette is ready to play as she begins by warming up her tender titties. Once her hand slips between her thighs, you know she won't quit until she's moaning and twitching.

Kate Quinn in 'Cumming With Kate'

Kate Quinn - Cumming With Kate

Russian bombshell Kate Quinn had so much fun showing herself off for us that she had to come back and shake that ass for our cameras once more. Her bra and thong are quick to hit the floor so she can dip her fingers in for a sample of her sweet pussy juices before rubbing her clit.

Kate Quinn in 'Come And Get Some - S40:E1'

Kate Quinn - Come And Get Some - S40:E1

Kate Quinn and Stanley Johnson have decided to get away together for a romantic weekend. They arrive in their rented condo and Kate goes to the bedroom to unpack. Since she has been expecting nothing but sexy fun, her suitcase is filled with lingerie and toys accordingly. She wastes no time in getting their horny party started: Slipping into a bra and matching lingerie panties, she grabs some fuzzy handcuffs and returns to the living room.While Kate was changing, Stanley took a phone call. She reemerges to find him having a spirited discussion, but she doesn't mind. Wandering over to the staircase, Kate locks herself up against the railing and then opens her mouth to reveal the key. Stanley unlocks her but remains on the phone. Kate is having none of that. She grabs the phone and shoves it down the front of her underwear to nestle right at her bare muff.After a brief exchange, Stanley finally takes the hint. His apology is immediate: He relieves Kate of her bra and gets down on his knees to worship her petite frame from her tits to her twat. While Stanley apologized, Kate kept her hands in the air as though she was still handcuffed. When he gets to his feet, though, she can't keep her hands to herself another moment. Reaching down, she unzips his pants and pulls his fuck stick out for playtime.After a moment of stroking Stanley off, Kate sinks to a crouch in her high heels. Her mouth is in constant motion as she licks her way down his hardon and then laps at his balls. Once she settles in, Kate can't get enough of the D. She sucks and strokes, worshipping every inch of Stanley's big one. Getting to her feet, she gives Stanley a deep kiss that lets him taste his own musk. Then she turns around and puts one foot up on the stairs to invite Stanley inside.Stanley takes Kate up on her sexy invitation. Coming up behind her, he thrusts all the way inside. Kate's crotchless panties make it so easy for Stanley to enter her and then keep on pounding away for both of their pleasure. The stairs create the perfect angle of penetration to really get their party started.The couple relocates to the living room, where Kate lays down on the couch and spreads her thighs. The lingerie perfectly outlines her puss as Stanley guides himself back into her tight hole. Hooking one of Kate's ankles behind his neck, Stanley dives deep and gives it to her in long, firm strokes.Kate gets onto her hands and knees next, wiggling her bottom to entice Stanley back inside. He doesn't waste a moment. This angle lets Kate's firm breasts jiggle with every thrust of Stanley's hips. She can't get enough of the position, but when Stanley proposes that they arrange themselves into a 69 she is putty in his hands. Why wouldn't she want to resume feasting on that fine cock while Stanley goes to town with his tongue in her slippery snatch?When Kate knows that they're both reaching the end of their endurance, she urges Stanley to take a seat. Climbing into his lap, she straddles his thighs and sinks back down onto his erection. It doesn't take many bounces before Kate is moaning in delight. A moment later, Stanley follows her over the edge and gluts her with a creampie that drips down her thighs as she leans back to bask in the afterglow.

Kate Quinn in 'Intimate Desires'

Kate Quinn - Intimate Desires

Do you dream of a short and sweet Russian babe like Kate Quinn? She's a goddess in a white robe and matching bra and thong. As she unveils her sleek figure, you'll want to take in every inch of her nubile body from her full breasts to her glistening bald twat.

Kate Quinn in 'Here For You'

Kate Quinn - Here For You

If you had a pint sized spinner like Kate Quinn on the line, you wouldn't want to make her wait. She can hardly keep her hands off her own sleek body. Her tits are small but tender, tipped with hard nipples. Her bald pussy is perfectly slippery, marking her as ready to fuck.

Kate Quinn in 'Dont Keep Me Waiting'

Kate Quinn - Dont Keep Me Waiting

Brunette stunner Kate Quinn is the type of beauty who'll break hearts, but for today this tight little piece is eager to show herself off for you. She drops her top and panties slowly, unveiling her super skinny petite frame from her firm boobs to her bald fuck hole that's wet and ready to party.

Kate Quinn in 'Come Closer'

Kate Quinn - Come Closer

It's always a good day when pint sized babe Kate Quinn decides to show off her tight figure for you. As her clothes come off, you'll enjoy breasts that are large for her figure and a slim body that leads to a lovely ass and bare pussy. This hottie is the whole package, and she's all for you.