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Raven Bay in 'Mean Cuckold 06'

Raven Bay - Mean Cuckold 06

Raven Bay, a petite brunette dungeon dominatrix in corset, fishnets and sky-high heels, restrains slave Eric Jover naked in stocks and makes him admit he's a piece of shit. She spews a scene-long streak of verbal filth. Raven slaps Eric's face hard and thrashes him with a riding crop; multiple serious, brutal kicks to his nut sac double him over in torment. She stands on him; sits on and spits in his face; and compares his pathetic pecker to Dirk Huge's humongous, black dick. Raven has Dirk join in degrading Eric's penis. She makes bitch-boy suck her feet and worship her ass while she's sucking a real man's cock. As Dirk plows her cunt, Raven chokes Eric and makes him thank Dirk. After her lover creams her face, Raven drools semen into Eric's mouth; he gargles and swallows!

Mia Lelani in 'Mean Cuckold 04'

Mia Lelani - Mean Cuckold 04

Dominatrix Mia Lelani, a pretty, silicone-stacked Asian in leather fetish gear, humiliates naked Eric Jover in her dungeon. She whips his skinny body, spits in his mouth and orders his oral worship of her feet, pussy and ass. Mistress Mia brings in heroically hung African-American stud Rob Piper to show the slave ('worthless sack of rice') how a real man fucks. Nasty Mia positions pathetic Eric beneath her as she blows and fucks Rob's impressive meat. Through a screaming screwing she degrades Eric's little penis. Rob pumps thick semen on her shapely ass and Mia rubs it onto Eric's face.

Katie St. Ives in 'Facesitting Tales 04'

Katie St. Ives - Facesitting Tales 04

Busy nerd Eric Jover receives a call from young brat Katie St. Ives. Quickly she takes over his life, ordering him to chauffeur her around town, then demanding he pick her up later at a mysterious address. But when Eric arrives, he finds himself in a well-equipped dungeon, with nasty Katie in dominatrix attire. Wielding a riding crop, the bitch makes him worship her plump butt with his tongue. He submissively sucks her pretty bare feet; she smothers him with her ass. After more face sitting torment and foot worship, Katie jerks him to orgasm... and feeds Eric his own splooge!

Melody Jordan in 'Mean Cuckold 03'

Melody Jordan - Mean Cuckold 03

Naturally voluptuous redhead Melody Jordan is fed up with her doormat husband, Eric Jover. So when rich businessman Kurt Lockwood offers a wad of cash for sex with Melody, she orders Eric to accept the deal ... and makes him stick around to watch! The thick, buxom bitch has Eric tongue her asshole while she hungrily sucks the cock of a real man. Soon she's smothering Eric under her massive derriere, trampling him and making him suck her cute toes. Melody gets royally fucked by Kurt -- and after taking a messy cum facial, she gives her spouse a humiliating kiss!

Julie Cash in 'Mean Cuckold'

Julie Cash - Mean Cuckold

Wimpy employee Eric Jover gets nonstop abuse from his new boss, Ryan Mclane. This poor schlub can't seem to do anything right ' when he balks at staying late at work, the boss orders Eric to fetch his wife, blonde BBW bombshell Julie Cash. Mclane and Julie immediately hit it off... and soon she's cuckolding her humiliated spouse right there in his boss' office! Julie bobs her head on the executive's cock as her impotent husband services her giant ass, getting smothered until he can't breathe. After fucking the voluptuous adulteress, Mclane sprays his load all over her enormous booty.

Siri in 'FemDom Ass Worship 20'

Siri - FemDom Ass Worship 20

Voluptuous Siri, a domineering psychiatrist with enormous, natural jugs and a gloriously round ass, has her striking form packed into a glamorous skirt, garters and nylons. She speaks to the camera, flaunting her plump, soft buttocks, demanding worship of her puckered anus with your tongue. Next we see Siri at work. After she gets fed up with the ramblings of her loser patient Eric, the bored shrink pushes her sheer-stockinged feet into his mouth, overwhelming him with her casual cruelty. Dr. Siri straddles his helpless face, chatting on the phone while shutting off her slave's oxygen with her massive behind.

Samantha 38g in 'Evil Cuckold 6'

Samantha 38g - Evil Cuckold 6

Hugely stacked, mature Samantha 38g loves getting her furry, white pussy pounded by a giant, black cock. This is news to Eric, her weak-willed, Asian husband. This sultry BBW seductively wraps her lips around Sean Michaels' long, thick shaft, slurping and worshiping his dark meat. When poor Eric comes home early, he's treated to the shocking sight of his plump hot wife enjoying an epic interracial fucking from Sean's enormous member. Samantha orders her cuckolded wimp to watch as she rides the throbbing black pole, and this perverse cheating episode ends with a load of cream across her massive boobs.

Tori Taylor in 'Femdom Ass Worship 19'

Tori Taylor - Femdom Ass Worship 19

Ebony goddess Tori Taylor has pale Asian slave boy Eric Jover naked and bound in her dungeon. This fine dominatrix tortures him with an electrical prod. She crushes him beneath her meaty, muscular booty, planting her phat buns on his face and grinding mercilessly until he struggles to breathe. Mistress Tori tramples the cringing worm underfoot and has him spread oil on her glistening ass cheeks while he services her with his tongue. She ruthlessly overpowers Eric with her bare feet. Finally she jacks off his little cock... only to feed her victim a humiliating wad of his own splooge!

Jazy Berlin in 'Femdom Ass Worship 9'

Jazy Berlin - Femdom Ass Worship 9

Huge-assed Latina bombshell Brooklyn Lee speaks to the camera, insulting the viewer's pathetic manhood and tempting us with her enormous, round booty. Next we see her with a lawyer who's come to retrieve the life savings of a client. However, in no time the manipulative domme has not only deflected the legal issue, but has somehow convinced the confused attorney to suck on her sexy bare feet and rim her queenly bunghole. Dizzy with submissive lust, the lawyer cleans Brooklyn's magnificent ass with his tongue, and she jerks his dick until it spurts. Looks like Brooklyn's hooked a new victim!

Kelly Divine in 'Femdom Ass Worship 9'

Kelly Divine - Femdom Ass Worship 9

Domineering dungeon queen Kelly Divine, wearing a black vinyl mini-dress, torments the viewer with dirty talk while wagging her amazingly huge bubble butt at the camera. Next, Mistress Divine abuses slave Eric Jover, who's been reduced to robbing a gas station to come up with cash for his dom session. The sadistic bitch insults Eric's 'manhood' and smothers him with her giant ass. She makes him lap her asshole, pussy and armpits and mashes his face with her bare feet. Kelly yanks his hard-on until he cums on his belly, then sends her pathetic slave away to commit more crimes.

Anikka Albrite in 'Femdom Ass Worship 18'

Anikka Albrite - Femdom Ass Worship 18

Blonde bombshell Anikka Albrite is a stunning, dominant woman who loves making a man worship her big, shapely ass. This gorgeous bitch sneers at the camera, peeling out of her business skirt. Next we see her robbing wimpy bartender Eric Jover at gunpoint. Anikka adds insult to theft by demanding bare foot worship from the victim. She makes him lick her toes and crinkly soles, then submissively tongue her anal rosebud to her exacting specifications. After a full-on ass assault that has Eric gasping for air, Anikka jacks his pathetic dick to orgasm... and feeds him his own gooey spunk!

Bella Reese in 'Femdom Ass Worship 16'

Bella Reese - Femdom Ass Worship 16

Curvy domme Bella Reese, a thick, big-boobed brunette, rules her dungeon with an iron fist and a huge, meaty ass. First she speaks to the camera, ordering the viewer to worship her asshole and obey her sexual whims. Next Bella gets cold revenge on her perverted former teacher, Eric Jover, blackmailing him into a session of erotic servitude. Bella shoves her stinky bare toes into his mouth. Cruelly she smothers the loser under her massive haunches, making him deep-clean her ass crack with his tongue. After using him to get herself off, Bella jerks his pathetic dick until he cums.

Aiden Starr in 'Femdom Ass Worship 16'

Aiden Starr - Femdom Ass Worship 16

Busty blonde bitch Aiden Starr uses subliminal mind control to manipulate men... enslaving them to her pale, juicy rump. The hypnotic commands on Aiden's specially made audio tapes make her subjects helpless. She speaks to the camera, ordering you to worship her plump rear. Next we see the effect of her insidious training on Aiden's conservative boss. The stocking-clad wench smothers the wimp with her buttocks, demanding oral service of her nyloned feet. Pathetic Mr. Jover obeys, and his erotic torment climaxes as Aiden mercifully jerks his dick to orgasm ... and feeds him his own sperm!

Brittany Andrews in 'Femdom Ass Worship 7'

Brittany Andrews - Femdom Ass Worship 7

Big, buxom, husky-voiced dominatrix Michelle McLaren speaks to the camera, insulting the viewer's pathetic manhood and tempting us with her big, round ass. Next, the tattooed domme mocks and abuses Kyle Stone in a fiendish, cuckold-themed scene. Kyle arrives for their date, and the mean bitch makes him eat her out while she rifles through his wallet and takes all his cash. She makes plans with her black boyfriend while Kyle licks her pussy. The merciless bitch grinds her ass on Kyle's face, smothering him with her cunt. After foot-dominating the submissive worm, she jerks him off... then kicks him out.

Karen Fisher in 'Femdom Ass Worship 14'

Karen Fisher - Femdom Ass Worship 14

Thick, incredibly voluptuous blonde Karen Fisher is a bombastically endowed domme with a vicious taste for making males crawl. Karen summons adopted son Eric; this heartless stepmother is not above using him to fulfill her perverse needs! Straddling his head, the huge-assed bitch grinds her pathetic lad into submission, cutting off his air supply with her massive hindquarters. Karen demands abject analingus from young Eric and makes him worship her bare soles. Finally the haughty ass queen milks the cum from his stiff wienie, remarking on its tiny size before smearing his own semen on his humiliated face.

Aurora Snow in 'Femdom Ass Worship 12'

Aurora Snow - Femdom Ass Worship 12

Elena Heiress is a super-pretty sexy Latina in a black dress with enhanced but juicy boobs and a supernaturally gorgeous ass. Speaking right to the viewer, Mistress Elena introduces herself before teasing and taunting in luscious close-ups of her quivering, spread-apart cheeks. Fade to Elena working at her boutique, humiliating her sissy-boy customer Kyle Stone. Making him out for a wimp, she demands he get down and kiss her feet. He sucks her toes, cleans the bottom of her feet, and then dresses in women's lingerie, after which he's allowed to crawl up behind the seated Heiress and dine on her protruding ass. Making constant fun of him, she gets up on the table for more ass worship before making him lay down so she can strip off her dress and do some serious face-sitting. This turns her on enough that she stands leaning against a table and allows wimp Kyle to service her pussy with his mouth. She rides his face in several positions before allowing him to jerk off - and even helping him, just a bit.

Jynx Maze in 'Asses Of Face Destruction 11'

Jynx Maze - Asses Of Face Destruction 11

Tanned, all-natural Jynx Maze is a most demanding mistress. Wearing black latex gloves and thigh-high boots, the tattooed brat maintains a torrent of verbal abuse as she addresses the camera, castigating her pathetic viewer and ordering you to eat her ass. Next, we see how this fearsome female treats her own muscular slave, Eric - she dominates him at the end of a dog leash, makes him crawl, lick her butthole and cover her soft rump with supplicating kisses. Her shapely buttocks planted over her struggling servant's face, Jynx grinds away, cutting off his oxygen supply and bringing herself to orgasm.

Alison Tyler in 'Asses Of Face Destruction 11'

Alison Tyler - Asses Of Face Destruction 11

Voluptuous, huge-bottomed Alison Tyler is a most demanding mistress. The tattooed BBW wears black latex gloves and thigh-high boots as she addresses the camera, castigating her pathetic viewer and ordering you to eat her ass. Next, we see how this fearsome female treats her own muscular slave, Eric - she dominates him at the end of a dog leash, makes him crawl, lick her butthole and cover her soft rump with supplicating kisses. Her groveling servant gives her butthole a tongue bath. Alison keeps him in line with a riding crop, grinding her mighty ass on his face until she cums.

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?NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU NOW.Nora knows that you are stuck with her.  You can?t get away from her.  You are Paralyzed and can?t move.  If you have an Orgasm? You?re finished.  Now your sexy wife Nora is going to let you know what she really thinks of you.  She only married you for your money.  Now she is going to do whatever she wants with you, whether it is slapping your dick with her feet or fucking you for her own pleasure, the choice is all hers now.  You have no say in the matter.?



?I?M GOING TO SUCK AND FUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOUR COCK.Your wife, the Gothic Princess Ivy Minx, has grown bored with you.  You married her to spite your Ex-Wife, and now it looks as though the tables have turned on you.  Your heart has been giving you trouble lately.  The doctor has warned you not to partake in any sexual activity. The problem is that Ivy is such a tease.  You are not sure you can resist her charms, even if, you are potentially only One Orgasm away from Oblivion! ?

Shelby Paris in 'Whatever He wants Whenever he wants.'

Shelby Paris - Whatever He wants Whenever he wants.

Shelby is in her underwear fiddling around on her phone about to go to bed. That?s when everthing changes for her. The Master appears at her bedside and transforms her into his Robotic Pet. She will Now do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Shelby Paris in 'My Robot… My Plaything'

Shelby Paris - My Robot… My Plaything

Shelby is a student talking to her girlfriends on the phone. She is trying to figure out what to do with her evening when her Step-Uncle comes into her room. Her Step-Uncle knows exactly what he would like to do with the evening. He transforms her into his Robot… his Plaything.

Daeja Monae in 'A New Robot in The Family'

Daeja Monae - A New Robot in The Family

Daeja is a home just chilling out on the couch, trying to decide what to do with herself. Ultimately that is decided for her when her Step-Dad comes into the room… Only he's not just her Step-Dad… He's The Master. He transforms her into his Robot Slut and proceeds to have his way with her.

Norah Nova in 'The Ahegao Fuck Robot'

Norah Nova - The Ahegao Fuck Robot

Nora has gotten home late from dance class. She is tired and sore… But none of that matters anymore. The instructor was secretly the Master in disguise. He quickly transforms her into his Robot and makes her into his fuck puppet…



You should have just bought the cookies.You really should have. Now you are in an unwinnable situation. As an act of revenge for you not making a purchase, Nora, a sexy but crazy girl scout, has injected your body with a special type of Nanomachines. These machines have 2 effects, the first one is that you are unable to move, the second effect is that if you Cum… You will no longer be alive. Hopefully, you have your estate well prepared.

Hannah Grace in 'Transformed into star material'

Hannah Grace - Transformed into star material

Hannah is busy trying to relax and study when all of a sudden, Her Professor AKA The Master shows up in her apartment.Before she can get too worked up or upset, he transforms her into his robot slut. Now he will make sure to work her into Ahego Orgasm mode and make sure that if she is ever human again, she will get an A+.

Alice Frost in 'Remote Control Pleasure'

Alice Frost - Remote Control Pleasure

Alice is passing the time looking at her Instagram and various other social media apps. That's when she notices her Step-Father has entered the room with his pants down… Only her Step-Father isn't what he seems… He is the Master, and he has transformed into his pleasure robot before she knows what has happened.



I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY DICK NOW! YOU'RE GOING TO BE MY NEW LITTLE BITCH BOY!Kristen has caught Eric looking at her constantly; taking pictures of her when he thinks she is not looking. She decides to confront him. When she confronts him she proclaims that either he does exactly what she says, or she is going to expose him for the pervert he is!Kristen starts off softly making Eric Massage her nice plump tits… making sure he is nice and hard before revealing her dick to his face. Now Eric had better suck like a champ or everyone will know he is a prev

Kristen Kraves in 'The New Girl'

Kristen Kraves - The New Girl

YOU BETTER START SUCKING MY DICK BEFORE I GET MAD…Eric is a lonely guy, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he is super horny. You can only wank off for so long before you get desperate. So Eric got into his car and cruised down Hollywood Blvd. He saw numerous street girls on several different corners… All ones that in his horny state of mind he has visited with before.But it looks like it might be Eric's lucky night! He spots a new girl! A super curvy hot girl that he can't wait to bring back to his bachelor pad and fuck!They get back to his place and everything is going great! The Escort even lets him fuck her ass!Unfortunately, things take a bad turn, she starts taking pictures of him on her phone while they are having anal sex… She lets Eric know, that unless Eric does everything she wants she will expose him.



START SUCKING HUBBY.Eric and Kristen arrive in their Honeymoon room after a long day and a long wedding. Kristen is not very pleased; she feels that the room is shabby and cheap looking. Eric surprised her by not spending the money feels she is worth on the room… But that's ok … She have a nasty surprise for him too.Kristen has always told Eric that she would not have sex with him until he married her properly and showed how committed he is to her.Now that Kristen and Eric are married… Kristen decides it's time for a big reveal... When she tells Eric she wants her pussy easting out… She reveals she has a Dick!!!

Kristen Kraves in 'TRICKED BY A SEXY TILF (Trans I'd Like to fuck) KRISTEN KRAVES'

Kristen Kraves - TRICKED BY A SEXY TILF (Trans I'd Like to fuck) KRISTEN KRAVES

I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU!Kristen and Eric just got back to Eric's house after a hot date at a brand new club. Now Eric is ready to have a great night of Sex and debauchery with Kristen! He hasn't had any pussy since he got divorced a while back... There's only one Huge Catch. Kristen isn't what she seems.They start making out, Eric is getting really horny! He starts to suck on Kristen's feet sticking them deep into his mouth, almost gagging on them! Then Kristen says she needs some attention down there, while point at her crotch. Eric is super excited to start eating pussy... Until he realizes that Kristen has exposed... her Dick!

Bonnie Grey in 'Black Kong Dong 28'

Bonnie Grey - Black Kong Dong 28

Bonnie is a wild girl who loves black cock & a little Asian on the side.... No pun intended... When Jack pulls out his big black meat, Bonnie's eyes cant believe what she sees! She sucks that black cock till it is rock hard. By then her pussy is so wet its time for a black kong dong fuck party that she will never forget. LONG LIVE THE BLACK KONG DONG!!!!

Stacy Greene in 'Black Cheerleader Gang Bang 27'

Stacy Greene - Black Cheerleader Gang Bang 27

Stacy has more on her mind than doing after school work & studying for college exams. She is ready for her first gang bang and being the #1 Cheerleader is gonna make it that much easier to get her boyfriends best friends to fuck her good. She has told him so many times how she has wanted to get fucked by more than one boy, and today she will prove it with her first nasty gangbang.

Kay Love in 'Black Cheerleader Gang Bang 27'

Kay Love - Black Cheerleader Gang Bang 27

We found this dirty little Cheerleader's phone # in the bathroom stall at city college and we thought it was just a urban legend or a joke. Who would write their # on a wall to get gangbanged? Well Kay Love would..... This nasty thing loves sucking cock and fucks like a freak... so next time you see a # on a bathroom wall asking for sex CALL IT!!! You might just get lucky

Amy Faye in 'We Wanna Gang Bang The Babysitter 19'

Amy Faye - We Wanna Gang Bang The Babysitter 19

Amy comes home from college to start her new job baby sitting for her Step Father's work buddy and wants nothing more than to make her family proud. But there is one simple problem. While away in her first year of school Amy has become a real nympho slut who loves cock more than earning a paycheck! And today will change the rest of her life because she won't just be fucking her Step father's work buddy, she 's gonna fuck all his friends as well! Amy is the happiest girl in the world cuz it's her first Gang Bang and she loves every inch of it!

Skylar Green in 'We Wanna Gang Bang The Babysitter 19'

Skylar Green - We Wanna Gang Bang The Babysitter 19

We thought Skylar was just a young innocent tease who wanted to make a few bucks fucking on film. She said she had baby sat before and was willing to suck a dick or two to make some extra cash but we had no idea what a dirty little lady she was. Once the gang bang crew started banging that girl she went crazy, demanding more dicks and bigger dicks to fuck her harder and harder. This baby sitter taught her gang bang crew that she was still in charge wether on or off the work clock and she decided to be paid in cum.