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Penelope Piper in 'POV Jugg Fuckers 5'

Penelope Piper - POV Jugg Fuckers 5

All-naturally stacked brunette Penelope Piper has some of her male buddies over to watch the ballgame, but while the guys watch TV, she's just getting bored. Thinking quickly, Penelope changes into her skimpiest bikini and beckons all nine dudes into the next room. Kneeling and releasing her big, floppy jugs, this insatiable slut treats the horny fellows to a session of dirty cocksucking and sensuous titty fucking. She squeezes their hard shafts between her boobs and slurps their meat, drooling on their ball sacks. By the time the boys have finished, Penelope's huge whoppers are dripping with spermy goop.

Lana Violet in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2'

Lana Violet - Asian Fuck Faces 2

Soft, cuddly, stocking-clad Mia Rider and luscious Lana Violet are gorgeous Asian sluts with an insatiable hunger for cock. Teasing the camera with their all-natural bodies, the girls attract a crowd of eight horny men who require oral servicing. Surrounded by giant meat poles, Mia and Lana swallow their throbbing dicks one and two at a time, gagging and drooling in a relentless blow bang. Their eyes watering and makeup ruined, the saliva-smeared cuties kiss between sessions of cocksucking. Finally, Mia takes loads of creamy cum on her pretty face; Lana laps up every gooey drop of bukkake sauce.

Mia Lelani in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2'

Mia Lelani - Asian Fuck Faces 2

Horny Asian vamp Mia Lelani is a glamorous bitch with an insatiable hunger for cock. Teasing the camera with her huge, firm tits, she attracts big-dicked Winston Burbank, who needs this nasty slut's exceptional oral skills. She wraps her lips around his shaft and sucks him to completion, drooling his thick load onto a platter and slurping down the goopy mess. Mia's talented mouth takes on Chris Charming's huge cock in a sloppy, gagging, saliva-dripping blow job that culminates with cum play on a glass table. Mia slurps director Jonni Darkko's tool; a face-fuck conjures another dose of spermy spew.

Marica Hase in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2'

Marica Hase - Asian Fuck Faces 2

Petite, lingerie-clad beauty Marica Hase is an all-natural Japanese slut with an insatiable hunger for cock. She teases the camera, drooling on her small, perfect tits, and attracts a crowd of six dudes who require this young sweetheart's oral skills. They lift spread-eagled Marica and buzz her cunt with a vibrating wand before thrusting their pricks in her face. She swallows them one after another, gagging on man meat, and soon her eyes are watering as slobber covers her slim torso. Marica opens wide for a messy bukkake, gulping several spunky loads and getting her gorgeous face decorated with semen.

Jessica Bangkok in 'Asian Fuck Faces 2'

Jessica Bangkok - Asian Fuck Faces 2

Busty Asian bimbo Jessica Bangkok is a horny MILF with an insatiable hunger for cock. She teases the camera, squeezing her plump jugs, and soon attracts a crowd of six dudes who require her oral skills. Jessica swallows their throbbing dicks one after another, taking rock-hard meat all the way down her throat and wrapping her fat tits around pulsing shafts. Soon her eyes are watering and slobber drips from Jessica's face. Finally this nasty, mature slut opens wide to receive their creamy cum. She drools the thick loads onto a platter and slurps down the stream of goop.

Tia Ling in 'Asian Anal Assault'

Tia Ling - Asian Anal Assault

Big-boobed MILF Tia Ling is a sexy slut in high-heeled pumps, her huge rack spilling out of a fetishy halter. She's ready to get gang-fucked by a multiracial crew of well-hung dudes. The six studs surround Tia and shove their insistent dicks down her throat. These muscular cocksmen treat the mature Asian whore like a rag doll, stuffing all of Tia's holes and even stretching her with some double-pussy penetration and brutal anal reaming as she gags on hard man-sausage. After pounding the hell out of Tia, the boys take turns covering her slutty face with creamy bukkake sauce.

Lydia Love in 'Rocco's Psycho Teens'

Lydia Love - Rocco's Psycho Teens

A pair of blonde schoolgirls - mini-skirted Zorah White and bespectacled Lydia Love - arrives at their tutor's home for some private language study. Their instructor, Chris Charming, becomes distracted by his view of Lydia's panties as she wiggles distractedly in her seat. Before he knows it, this giggling cutie is kneeling between Mr. Charming's thighs, wrapping her mouth around her teacher's hard prick! Zorah joins in, licking his balls, and the two students take turns riding teacher's cock in a wild threesome. After ferociously drilling the young sluts, he sprays Lydia with hot jizz... and Zorah helpfully licks her friend clean.

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Beti Hana in 'Shaved wife Beti Hana fucking in the couch with her tits'

Beti Hana - Shaved wife Beti Hana fucking in the couch with her tits

Beti's husband brings home takeout, but it's Chinese again! She is bummed, and even more bummed because she is bored sitting around the house. She wants to go back to school, and is willing to convince him by sucking his huge cock and swallowing his load.

Luscious Lopez in 'Housewife 1 on 1'

Luscious Lopez - Housewife 1 on 1

Luscious Lopez is a horny housewife who loves to pleasures herself. The nympho is startled when her husband comes home early and finds her masturbating on their bed. Since she's already warmed up, Luscious takes her husband's cock and finishes the job.

Luscious Lopez in 'fucking in the bed with her big ass'

Luscious Lopez - fucking in the bed with her big ass

Luscious Lopez is a horny housewife who loves to pleasures herself. The nympho is startled when her husband comes home early and finds her masturbating on their bed. Since she's already warmed up, Luscious takes her husband's cock and finishes the job!!!

Luscious Lopez in 'Ass Masterpiece'

Luscious Lopez - Ass Masterpiece

That Luscious Lopez sure does have one luscious booty. I mean, damn ... talk about an Ass-Fucking-Masterpiece. In this super fine episode, not only is she a master of ass clapping, but she gives one hell of a masturbation scene, too.

Veronika Raquel in 'fucking in the bed with her big ass'

Veronika Raquel - fucking in the bed with her big ass

Veronika Raquel has a wild imagination. She also has an insatiable appetite for sex too. When Veronika catches her gardener watching her through the window, she wants to continue the show, with him in the front row. One minute he's trimming the shrubs and the next she's blowing his chub!!!

Anita Blue in 'Wife Anita Blue fucking in the bed with her natural tits'

Anita Blue - Wife Anita Blue fucking in the bed with her natural tits

Anita Blue and her boyfriend are ambitious swingers. They bust out their camera and put on a show for all the world to see!!

Carly Parker in 'fucking in the bed with her big ass'

Carly Parker - fucking in the bed with her big ass

Carly Parker just got some bad news. Her husband just told her that his mother is going to be visiting them for two weeks. She isn't happy, but she's still horny. She needs him to fuck her now since it's going to feel like forever until their alone together.

Tyra Love in 'fucking in the bedroom with her piercings'

Tyra Love - fucking in the bedroom with her piercings

Tyra Love is so excited her husband is fixing their new bed set she can't keep her hands out of his pants. He hammered and screwed everything he had to, and now he's gonna do the same to her!!

Kandi Milan in 'Student Kandi Milan fucking in the desk with her petite'

Kandi Milan - Student Kandi Milan fucking in the desk with her petite

Kandi Milan doesn't like to show up to class on time or wear appropriate attire and her professor is has had enough of it. Her only option to pass is to give him some ass!!!

Mia Lelani in 'fucking in the living room with her big tits'

Mia Lelani - fucking in the living room with her big tits

Mia Lelani knows she looks better in a dress than her friend does and that's why she hates to give it back. When Mia gets to her friend's house, only her friend's husband is there and he's not as interested in what Mia looks like wearing the dress as he is in seeing it on the floor!!

Holly West in 'Wife Holly West fucking in the couch with her tits'

Holly West - Wife Holly West fucking in the couch with her tits

Holly West had a bad day. Nothing went her way and she needs to vent to her husband. Without saying a word, his quiet presence reassures her that everything will be ok. But a fat cock in her pussy wouldn't hurt either. It looks like Holly's day just got better!

Carly Parker in 'Blonde Carly Parker fucking in the couch with her big ass'

Carly Parker - Blonde Carly Parker fucking in the couch with her big ass

When Mrs. Parker wakes up from a sexy dream, she wants to play with herself without waking up her husband. So she sneaks out of bed. But when he follows her and watches her masturbate, she's so turned on that she can't wait to suck his dick and fuck him.

Sakura Scott in 'fucking in the office with her natural tits'

Sakura Scott - fucking in the office with her natural tits

When Sakura Scott's restaurant fails inspection and the Health Inspector won't give her an extension, she thinks he might change his mind if he gets an extension in his pants first ... that should convince him, so she drops to her knees to find out.

Mya Luanna in 'Asian Mya Luanna fucking in the living room with her tattoos'

Mya Luanna - Asian Mya Luanna fucking in the living room with her tattoos

Mya Luanna can't stop thinking about her man, ever since she saw him sing at karaoke. She knows she can't sing worth a damn, so there's nothing better in her mind than a beautiful singing voice and a huge throbbing cock. Let's make music together, baby!

Panther in 'Brunette Panther fucking in the living room with her tattoos'

Panther - Brunette Panther fucking in the living room with her tattoos

Who would've thought that firm and juicy would make a winning combination? We did, that's who and to prove it we present Stacey Sweet ... juicy, and Panther ... firm. So sit back and take a load off while these two back-heavy beauties take a load off Chris Charming!

Olivia O'Lovely in 'fucking in the couch'

Olivia O'Lovely - fucking in the couch

Olivia's culo is culo-rific! There is so much cushion for the pushin' here, it's like riding on airbags. Yes, O'Lovely is one luxurious ride � just sit back and the momentum take over!

Jamie Huxley in 'fucking in the living room with her piercings'

Jamie Huxley - fucking in the living room with her piercings

Jamie is excited to celebrate her first wedding anniversary, even though she knew her husband was going to forget. There may not be any candles on this cake, but something is getting blown, nonetheless.

Ava Devine in 'Ass Masterpiece'

Ava Devine - Ass Masterpiece

Ava Devine is gonna' reach over, grab her ankles and take it number two slot ... a nice and BIG cock in her tight, little number two slot! Get ready men, because you all know that it's no holes barred when it comes to Ava!!

Diamond Jackson in 'takes a big cock in a classroom'

Diamond Jackson - Naughty America

Professor Diamond Jackson doesn't forget her friends. A senior professor at the university helped her get tenure and she wants to thank him. But Diamond isn't just going to send him a fruit basket. She's going to give him her succulent and forbidden fruit!!!

Trinity Post in 'fucks husbands big cock'

Trinity Post - Housewife 1 on 1

Trinity Post and her husband have a deal. If he beats her at pool, she'll let him fuck her in the ass tonight. And she's not admitting it, but it looks like she loses on purpose.

Jaclyn Case in 'Naughty Athletics'

Jaclyn Case - Naughty Athletics

It's not every day a stalker gets to fuck the girl of his dreams ... the beautiful cheerleader Jaclyn Case. But she somehow finds his creepiness charming, and he did bring flowers and chocolate. So come over here and fuck this tight little cheerleader pussy.

Gabby Quinteros in '40 Year Old Size Queens 8'

Gabby Quinteros - 40 Year Old Size Queens 8

Gabby Quinteros is a local shoe store clerk and one day at the store she meets a guy named Chris Charming who is buying a pair of shoes for his wife and notices the huge bulge in his pants. While ringing up the sale Gabby slips him a note that says 'I love the White Kong Dong and I'm yours to fuck, all you have to do is ask'. Guess what happened next? That's right, Gabby's 40 year old cunt got well plowed!

Brittney Miller in 'White Kong Dong 29'

Brittney Miller - White Kong Dong 29

Chris Charming is a White Kong Dong 'OG' He has fucked many ladies with his huge white meat ... and today he will conquer one more pussy. Ms. Miller is about to experience the wrath of the Kong Dong and she will not walk right for a week as her legs will have to spread so wide to take every inch of the Kong Dong. She smiles from ear to ear then begs for more as Chris pounds that tight pussy..... ALL HAIL WHITE KONG DONG

Andrea Kelly in 'Hot Horny And Hairy 5'

Andrea Kelly - Hot Horny And Hairy 5

The local hair stylist Andrea is so fucking HOT it drives every guy crazy. Her skin is silky smooth and she appears to be a hairless little super model type... But Chris gets the surprise of his life when he takes her on a date & wants to fuck but she says to him, 'I'm so embarrassed as I haven't had a chance to shave, I didn't think it would go this far!' Chris assures her not to worry but his mind is blown as she pulls down her panties and he sees the biggest bush off his life. Hair hair hair every where......

Nicole P in 'Mexican Mayhem 3'

Nicole P - Mexican Mayhem 3

When Nicole was volunteering at the local homeless shelter she befriended a German guy who was down on his luck. He was boring but in a strange was was kind of charming. One day while re stocking towels in the shower room. she saw him changing and noticed that he has a big dick.. She told him she knew some people in the porno Biz... and asked if he had any interest in becoming a 'Porn Star' he said in broken English 'Yes I like porn movie' so history was made & Chris Charming became a so called star!!!!!! But first he had to prove he could fuck... And Nicole was the one he had to prove it to!!!

McKenzie Lee in 'and Chris Charming in Housewife 1 on 1'

McKenzie Lee - Housewife 1 on 1

Mckenzie is waiting for her husband to come home from work and take her to the mall for some shopping. She thanks him for doing so, but reminds him that even though she is English, she could still learn to drive here in the States. Her previous attempts at driving have not gone well however, so she is going to need to do some serious convincing! Maybe an afternoon delight will do the trick!

Ricki White in 'Ricki needs a job'

Ricki White - Ricki needs a job

She just attended a Tea Party on Tax day and some Obama supporter referred her to some German dude for a job. She arrives late talking about the party and how she loves a good fuck coz its so recession proof. However she's tested on her tea servicing ability but little does she know she has signed up for some tea bagging.

Nikki Kane in 'Only If Hes THAT BIG !!!'

Nikki Kane - Only If Hes THAT BIG !!!

Chris is rolling around town looking for some pussy to light up his day. At a shopping center is the beautiful Nikki Kane, a blonde new starlet who is willing to go for a drive with Chris because he has a big dick, which she is craving big time!

Katja Kassin in 'Prison Gang Bang'

Katja Kassin - Prison Gang Bang

Katja is the head guard at Brazzers county jail. She recently got two high profile gang members. She knew theses guys were into sluts and big butts, so she decided to tease them. Unfortunately she got a little too close and they grabbed her. Once she was inside the cell it was over... ass to mouth , deep anal fucking and some DP action....

Kaylynn in 'and Chris Charming in Housewife 1 on 1'

Kaylynn - Housewife 1 on 1

Kaylynn can't wait to finally get to the beach but her husband isn't even in a bathing suit yet. She can't believe he's being so selfish because she never asks him to do anything. When cooler heads prevail Kaylynn is all about giving her hubby some make-up head...