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Ashley Blue in 'Ass Wide Open'

Ashley Blue - Ass Wide Open

Former super-nasty contract girl Ashley Blue turned alt-porn housewife makes a return to the fuck-screen. Wearing blue underwear and with a purple streak in her hair, she chats with Steve Holmes from behind the camera. He reaches forth to pinch her nipples and slap her tits. "You don't mess around," she exclaims. "What am I IN for?" She turns around and lowers her panties so that Holmes can start digging in her ass immediately, sticking his finger in her mouth so she can get a good taste of her own Eurasian ass. He bowling-balls her (a finger each in ass and pussy) before she goes down on her knees, hands behind her back, and starts servicing his big, veiny Euro-cock. She keeps up a constant stream of patter, even with his cock in her mouth, until Steve grabs the back of her head and pushes it all the way into his crotch. He goes down on the floor with her, rolls her up into his arms, shoving her legs by her shoulders, and starts sodomizing her. He fingerfucks her pussy and mouth as he fucks her ass. For a break, he teabags the supine Ashley, fucking her mouth before grabbing her nipples for some more abuse, getting a loud rise out of her. She stands over him and spreads her cheeks while he jerks off for a couple of minutes before sitting back down on his cock. Then she gets mouth-fucked while she holds her cheeks open, and disgorges one of her trademark long, ropey, gooey streams of spit, which Steve loads back into her mouth. As the scene progresses we get reverse cowgirl anal, a lot more spit, and Ashley jamming four fingers to the second knuckle up her own ass to create a handsome gape for Steve to fuck backwards and forwards. Steve tongues her gape several times and then kisses Ashley before finally dumping his load down her throat while she throws her legs backward and stretches out her gape.

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Ashley Blue in 'Is Tied up in an Interracial Anal BDSM Scene'

Ashley Blue - Is Tied up in an Interracial Anal BDSM Scene

Ashley's last name might be Blue, but her favorite colour is black (dick).

Ashley Blue in 'enjoys in Interracial Anal Action'

Ashley Blue - enjoys in Interracial Anal Action

Ashley Blue loves big black dick, especially when it gets shoved deep into her dumper long and hard enough for her ebony stud to pump a load of jizz inside her ass which she can creampie out and eat for lunch. One of the nastiest girls in the entire Private collection - this video is awesome!

Ashley Blue in 'A Threesome Of Big Ass and Titties!'

Ashley Blue - A Threesome Of Big Ass and Titties!

Here we are, this week with another Remaster classic of BigTitsRoundAsses! This shoot is one of the movies ever! These two girls have hot bodies, warm pussies, and cute faces. They have big tits and big round asses. Ashley has bigger tits and Mia has an even bigger ass. It doesn't even matter! You won't be disappointed. There performance was outstanding! They both sucked cock like professionals despite being amateurs. Once they got the oil action started, thats when I knew it was on, They had good chemistry, they played and sucked on each other's tits like there was no tomorrow. They couldn't wait any longer, they needed Jordan to come over and fuck them the shit out of them. The sex was dynamite!It was fucking insane. There was hot lesbo action all over the place. I love me some girl action, it gets me hot. They both made out all over Jordan's cock! Then they fucked like crazy. It went on for a while. That was stimulating in so many ways. Enjoy!

Ashley Blue in '- Interracial Blowbang'

Ashley Blue - Interracial Blowbang

You might recognize Ashley Blue from the wild shit she's done before. That was just child's play and nothing in the world could get her ready for her meeting with the Interracial Blowbang. White girl came in a bit cocky but we humbled the bitch but not before I vented to us about whitey's evil ways. She looked out of her league as the line-up of black men seemed to overwhelm her. She did her community a service by turning black frowns upside down as her mouth was constantly full of ebony cock. Taking over 8 swords of black dick couldn't satisfy daddy's angel so she gave us all access to her pink fuck hole. Bent over a dirty trash can we all took turns pounding away at that white tight hole all while risking a possible pregnancy. That's all we need: A bunch of pregnancy tests to see who the father is. That shit wouldn't happen on my watch so one by one my brothers gave her a black jizz shower.