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Amy Starz in 'Face Fucking Inc 7'

Amy Starz - Face Fucking Inc 7

It's pervy Uncle Joey versus crazed teen nymphomaniac slavegirl Amy Starz, with a face-fuck to the finish! The fair-skinned, dark-haired cutie teases Joey with her big ass, cutting short the interview and going straight to the cocksucking. She immediately shows off her highly advanced cock-gobbling skills, laughing and batting her eyes as she effortlessly engulfs his dick. Joey grabs her hair and forces her down further, but she shows him up on the next round by doing it to herself. He slaps her face and she exclaims, "I like it rough!" He shows off her girlish breasts, licking her nipples, then turns around and shoves two fingers up to the knuckle. "Do you get fucked in the ass?" Joey asks. "I get fucked everywhere," Amy proudly proclaims, and then installs herself in Joey's lap, so he can grab her by the chin and scalp for some super-serious throat reaming. After Joey comes down her throat, Amy settles back and finger-fucks herself as Joey interviews her. She interrupts by leaning forward to peck at his cock.

Jessica Bangkok in 'Black Cock Addiction 7'

Jessica Bangkok - Black Cock Addiction 7

Gorgeous Vietnamese kewpie-doll Kita Zen and bawdy Filipina fuck-mama Jessica Bangkok lavish Vin Deacon with a double blowjob interrupted when Jessica goes for a screaming cowgirl ride on his dick. Little Kita is just as noisy when she climbs on reverse-cowgirl style and has her shaved snatch pounded while Jessica spits on it. Then the girls don matching strap-on harnesses and chocolate and pink penises, so that Vin can perform his own double bj while Jessica strokes his dick. The girls grease up his ass, probing and licking it. First blood goes to Jessica, who starts pounding Vin's butt and slapping it while he chokes on Kita's dick. She takes her turn with his ass, and Jessica starts sucking his cock while Kita bangs him. The craziness continues with these no-boundaries girls until Vin spurts all over himself.

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Amy Starz in '- Watching My Daughter Go Black'

Amy Starz - Watching My Daughter Go Black

I thought I had white people figured out but I was wrong. I've been fucking this white honey on the side, Amy Starz. She has told me over and over again that my big black dick is the only one that can make her shake and moan while the walls nearly crumble down. She thought her dad was out of town so I could pummel her white pussy in privacy. Once we got there we found him fast asleep and didn't waste a moment of him being unable to witness his little girl getting a big black dick pounding. The girl has some mad cock sucking skills and her pussy wrapped its lips around my big black pole as if it were hugging it. The shit that was coming out of her mouth nearly woke her old man up which made this even more exciting.She rode on top of me, let me fuck her from behind, and let me spoon feed her my 3rd leg all while her pops was 2 feet away. Take notice as her pussy gets beet red the longer we fuck and it was soon time for me to drop my man sauce all over her cute little face. If he only knew what his daughter did while he was asleep then I'd probably be dead this second.