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Alyssa Bounty in 'ALYSSA and SLADYEN Anal and A2M Threesome'

Alyssa Bounty - ALYSSA and SLADYEN Anal and A2M Threesome

Beautiful secretaries Alyssa Bounty and Sladyen Skaya work for alpha male Aaron Rock. Brunette Alyssa puts modesty aside, stripping down to white lacy underwear. She boldly gives Aaron's big Black cock a blowjob. He bends Alyssa's lithe frame over to rim her asshole. Aaron rails her pussy doggie-style. 'I want you to fuck my ass,' she begs her boss. He stretches her sphincter with an anal reaming, and she worships his tasty meat ass-to-mouth. Slender, blonde Sladyen joins in to make it a threesome. She sucks Aaron's boner. Alyssa and Aaron strip doe eyed Sladyen to suck her tits. Sladyen treats Alyssa to lesbian cunnilingus as Aaron drills Sladyen's slick slit. The girls ride Aaron like a teeter-totter, Alyssa grinding on his face and Sladyen straddling his erection. Sladyen enjoys A2M flavor. Aaron busts his nut inside Sladyen's hungry mouth! Alyssa laps the sticky mess from his dick and shares the spunky load with Sladyen, climaxing the lascivious action.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Speaks Fluent Anal and A2M'

Alyssa Bounty - Speaks Fluent Anal and A2M

Lush-lipped, tan temptress Alyssa Bounty is beautiful, but a little irresponsible when it comes to her French language lessons. Tutor David Perry is fed up, so Alyssa makes it up to him by stripping off her tight coat and exposing her sparkling black lingerie. She masturbates on his leather couch. Excited, David whips out his swollen boner. Alyssa gives an enthusiastic blowjob, sucking his cock lovingly. He licks her tasty twat and then stuffs his hard-on inside that cunt, making her squeal in bliss. David massages Alyssa's tits as he fucks her doggie-style. He gives her a rim job, and then slides his schlong inside her puckering sphincter. Alyssa moans as she indulges in deep anal reaming. Her butthole gapes! Hot Alyssa tongues David's bunghole! Deep buttfucking comes with an ass-to-mouth blowjob. The action climaxes with Alyssa swallowing hot semen.

Sasha Rose in 'Alyssa and Sasha: Anal'Foot Fetish 3-Way'

Sasha Rose - Alyssa and Sasha: Anal'Foot Fetish 3-Way

Beautiful, new doctor's assistant Alyssa Bounty finds fellow brunette Sasha Rose in skimpy lingerie, fishnets, garters and heels. The playful girls share toys and some lesbian fun. Sasha removes Alyssa's panties and delicately rims her asshole. She pries a chrome dildo up Alyssa's bunghole and then feeds it to her orally. Enter Hall-Of-Fame pornographer Rocco Siffredi! The fishnet-clad chicks take his fingers and skilled tongue in their cunts and buttholes. He works a double-headed dildo into their tight sphincters. Each girl gives Rocco's big cock a blowjob, and he provides both with hard anal railing. Sasha tastes Alyssa's flavor in an ass-to-mouth BJ. Rocco tongues Alyssa's bunghole while Sasha mouths her girlfriend's gash. Alyssa spreads her cheeks, displaying gaping anus. Sasha mounts Rocco for a backdoor ride. Foot fetish fun: The stud tears open their stockings to suck on toes and pumps his meat between bare soles for a foot job. The raunchy threesome climaxes as Rocco erupts in Alyssa's mouth. Semen drips onto Sasha, leaving both girls drenched in a cum facial!

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Alyssa Bounty in 'Anal Date With Roommate'

Alyssa Bounty - Anal Date With Roommate

Alyssa is taking a shower, when her creeper roommate Freddy spies on her. In love with her tight body Freddy can't help but fap. Alyssa sees him and starts to put on a show. He runs off when he thinks he is going to get caught. She decides to take the show into the bed room and sure enough the creeper returns. Horny herself she calls him out and lets him know he can stop spying and fapping in the corner cause she knows he is there. He is feeling a little shamed, but she lets him know with that big ass dick it's no need to sneak around, and she quickly puts it in her mouth. They both have been wanting this for a long time. Freddy lets her know since they have gone this far he would really love it if he could put it in her asshole. She doesn't think it will fit, but Freddy does magic as his bbc stretches her to her limits. After he splashes her face with cum, he assures her they can be roommates as long as she wants.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Loves BBC Threesomes'

Alyssa Bounty - Loves BBC Threesomes

Alyssa Bounty was ready to play the moment she came onto our set. She was all smiles because she was excited for our surprise. We spend some time talking to her and we found out she is super horny right now. We introduce our 2 studs, Freddy Gong and Darryl Deeps, and Alyssa got so wet. Darryl started playing with Alyssa's pussy and he can confirm that she was super wet from the excitement. They wasted no time before she whipped out both of their dicks and started licking them side by side. This lead to Alyssa having her holes stretched by 2 BBC's double penetrating her tight pussy and asshole. Her petite body wasn't ready for these two dicks to fuck her like a jackhammer but she can definitely take both at the same time. Watch Alyssa bounce on a fat cock insider her ass while having another big dick drill her pink pussy before getting blasted with cum all over her pretty face.

Alyssa Bounty in 'The First Time We Touched - S45:E6'

Alyssa Bounty - The First Time We Touched - S45:E6

Lady D and Alyssa Bounty have just come back from a shopping trip. Turning their backs on each other, the girls try on each of their new outfits. When they can't wait another moment, they come together with lips locked and hands engaging in sweet, soft caresses. Things are really heating up as they squeeze and caress one another's tits. Just as they're about to figure out who is going to cum first, Lady D's roommate Michael Fly comes in to see what the commotion is. There's a moment of shyness and then the ladies realize that they have a golden opportunity to really get some hot action. When Michael is invited to play, he doesn't hesitate. He joins Alyssa and Lady D in bed and lets them take turns kissing him as they work to undress him. Once Michael's stiffie is freed, the ladies drop to their knees to share a double blowjob. Sucking and stroking, they make sure that Michael is read to pleasure them both. Pushing Michael onto his back, the girls have their way with him. Lady D gets the first ride, rocking back and forth in cowgirl. Meanwhile, Alyssa rides on Michael's tongue. When Lady D gets off the cock, Alyssa leans forward to create a 69 that lets her suck him clean. Then she scoots forward to ride Michael in reverse cowgirl. Alyssa takes her turn in the middle on her back with Michael buried between her thighs and Lady D bouncing away on her tongue. When Lady D turns around, it lets her make out with Michael as he keeps on pumping. Then Lady D gets on her knees so that Michael can make her day in doggy. He gives it to Lady D until pulling out to nut in Alyssa's mouth to give her a salty treat to dribble onto Lady D's bottom.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Fuck me in the Ass please'

Alyssa Bounty - Fuck me in the Ass please

Today on Bang Bros we have Alyssa bounty! Her petite frame is to die for and she just loves big dicks. Which she get a hefty supply of today she starts off with a nice tease and decides to get fucked the shit out of in not only her pussy but her ass a well for an extra add of flavor. She's a sight to see and even more riding some dick.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Working The Tight Areas'

Alyssa Bounty - Working The Tight Areas

Alyssa Bounty thought all she was getting was a massage. That was until she got naked. Erik could not help but really get into her tight areas. She could see he was visibly hard and decided to do a little rubbing of her own. He assured her it wouldn't be extra if she wanted to put it in her mouth. He also let her know that he offers an even deeper tissue massage; to which he means anal. He really loosens her asshole up with his throbbing dick. She might be low on protein as well after this, so he made sure she swallowed a good enough amount. Hopefully she will schedule another massage next week, and recommend to her friends.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Lulu Love and Alyssa Bounty, Anal Threesome at the Disco'

Alyssa Bounty - Lulu Love and Alyssa Bounty, Anal Threesome at the Disco

Lulu Love and Alyssa Bounty are queens of the night. Blonde. Brunette. The perfect duo. And there's no better place for these two ravenous sex hunters to find their unsuspecting prey than at the disco! So enjoy our horny beauties in action right here on in our latest instalment of Private Movies, Anal-Crazed Groupies where they lure in Lorenzo Viota for a sensational double blowjob before showing off their perfect bodies in an all anal threesome that will include some rimming for their lucky victim and a shared facial cumshot to finish!

Alyssa Bounty in 'Alissa Bounty, Horny and Sensual'

Alyssa Bounty - Alissa Bounty, Horny and Sensual

Today on, the gorgeous Alissa Bounty has come to Private Specials, A Time For Love for a walk with Raúl Costa at the park… but this is one walk that is not likely to last long! Overwhelmed with desire, Alissa soon rushes home to give her man a taste of her beautiful tits and delicious pussy before returning the favor with a sloppy blowjob. Then watch the rest of the action unfold right here on Private as this incredible beauty goes on to enjoy a passionate and sensual fuck all the way to a juicy cumshot!

Alyssa Bounty in 'Alyssa Bounty, Anal Therapy'

Alyssa Bounty - Alyssa Bounty, Anal Therapy

In Private Specials, Girls Do Magic, the sexy Alyssa Bounty is stressed from moving house, and just like all great Private babes… she's looking to release the tension with a wild session of anal! Faking illness, Alyssa plays her tricks and soon gets the attention of Kristof Cale who cheers up with some foreplay and pussy eating action. Then watch the rest of the session unfold on as Alyssa puts her sensual lips to work with a sloppy blowjob before enjoying an intimate anal fuck all the way until her juicy pussy is covered in cum.

Alyssa Bounty in 'The Introduction - S42:E21'

Alyssa Bounty - The Introduction - S42:E21

Dressed to impress, Lovita Fate helps Alyssa Bounty look her very best. The girls exchange a kiss, then walk out hand in hand to where Stanley Johnson is waiting. Stanley is open to making Alyssa's acquaintance, but not before checking her out and making sure she's his type. Once he decides that Alyssa will do, Stanley lifts both girls' miniskirts to deliver some spankings.The girls peel off their dresses at Stanley's request, standing proudly in their panties, thigh high stockings, and high heels. Stanley has Lovita take off Alyssa's thong, which leaves Lovita on her knees with her face buried in Alyssa's pussy.Stanley takes a hot minute to stare into Alyssa's eyes and observe her helpless pleasure as Lovita eats her out. Turning Alyssa around, Stanley kneads her breasts and runs his tongue over her most sensitive spots while Lovta keeps up her pussy feast. Her hand snakes low to where Stanley's hard dick awaits. Stroking him off is just foreplay for the moment where Alyssa joins Lovita on her knees so they can deliver a blowjob together.The trio takes their party to the couch, where Stanley takes a seat. His dick rises proudly as Lovita helps Alyssa sink down onto it. When she's fully impaled in reverse cowgirl, Alyssa begins riding as she bounces up and down. Stanley helps her set the pace while Lovita leaves nothing on the table when it comes to making her lovers moan.When it's Lovita's turn to ride the stiffie, the girls trade spots. Lovita and Stanley are obviously well acquainted as she eagerly impales herself on his hardon. Setting a fast pace that she can sustain as long as necessary, Lovita gives it everything she's got. She keeps it up until falling backwards off the D so that Alyssa can suck Lovta's girl goo from Stanley's hardon and then lick Lovita's twat clean.Alyssa gets another go as she gets on her feet and leans forward so that she is braced against the couch. Stanley comes into her from behind and goes for it. They enjoy a fast and furious coupling before Lovita lays down on the couch to invite Alyssa and Stanley to change it up. Alyssa mounts Lovita's mouth, while Stanley shoves into her creamy cooch. Then the girls swap spots so Alyssa can enjoy Stanley's fuck stick buried inside her as she holds her legs back to welcome him inside.Sitting back down on the couch, Stanley pulls Lovita into his arms. She sinks down so he's inside her in cowgirl. With Alyssa grasping her ass cheeks, Lovita bounces away. Alyssa gets a final indulgence of her own as she mirrors Lovita's position and really shows Stanley how she likes to ride, complete with getting spanked.Stanley is pleased with the girls, and he demonstrates it by getting them back on their knees. They go willingly, smiling up the line of Stanley's body as he brings himself off that last little way to his orgasm. Taking aim, he blows his load into two open waiting mouths so they can each enjoy the treat of his cum shot.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Listen to Her'

Alyssa Bounty - Listen to Her

Alyssa rubs her smooth, shaved cunt until it glistens. She's so wet and wants Charlie to taste how horny she is. Her tight pussy is so slick, his cock slides right in. Stretching her out and giving her orgasm after orgasm until he can't hold back as her twat spasms in pleasure, blasting his load inside her.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Blowjob Bounty'

Alyssa Bounty - Blowjob Bounty

Skinny slut Alyssa is excited to get fucked hard by Kristof. Sitting on his face to give him a taste of what he's going to get. She sucks that rock hard cock and lets him pump her pussy full of jizz.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Alyssa Bounty's Three Holes'

Alyssa Bounty - Alyssa Bounty's Three Holes

Alyssa is looking for monster cock to fill all her holes. That's right, all her holes. The pussy hole. The anus hole. And the mouth hole. Freddy Gong starts by worshiping her sexy tight body and then reveals his huge cock to her. She is ready and willing. She gets face fucked before Freddy fucks her wet ass pussy. When he's done fucking her vaginaly he gets his dick in her ass and pounds her down hardcore. He even pile drives her when she gets in position for him and when he's ready he obviously cums on her face.

Alyssa Bounty in 'A Bounty of Cum'

Alyssa Bounty - A Bounty of Cum

Tight body Alyssa wasn't built for this kind of hard fucking but she loves every second. Nick gives her a proper dicking, not pulling out as he blasts his load into that tight pussy.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Anal Fun With Hot Maid'

Alyssa Bounty - Anal Fun With Hot Maid

The maid just wants to clean. Freddy Gong wants to fuck. Alyssa Bounty is a sexy girl with a fine body nice tits and a cute ass girlfriend material for sure. Freddy Gong sees this and offers her money to clean in her underwear. That's not enough for his preverted mind so he gives her more money to get naked. Once she's naked he can't take the sexual tension and starts jerking off. Alyssa sees him stroking his giant cock and decides to take more of his money to suck and fuck his dick. Before you know it she's getting her pussy pounded and she's bouncing on his cock like it's a pogo stick. If you thought that wasn't enough she even lets him get inside her sexy little asshole. He stretches her out then obviously cums on her face.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Alyssa Bounty, Sexy and Sensual'

Alyssa Bounty - Alyssa Bounty, Sexy and Sensual

Today has the pleasure of introducing you to Alyssa Bounty, a cute and sensual brunette who has come to Private Specials, Forever Young ready to reveal her wild side as she gets down and dirty with stud Joohn Syx in a debut she'll never forget. Enjoy this sexy new girl pull out all the stops as she offers up sweet pussy for a taste before returning the favour with a nice and sensual blowjob. Then watch Alissa put her spectacular figure to work as she shows what a passionate and intimate fuck looks like, riding and grinding her man until her beautiful pussy is covered in cum.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Thinking Of You'

Alyssa Bounty - Thinking Of You

Alyssa Bounty is always ready to cum for you. Her meaty bare snatch is nice and wet as she hops onto the kitchen counter and pulls her thong aside. What would you do to enjoy a dip into that tight glove? Enjoy the show as she gives you a sneak preview of all she has to offer.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Tease Me'

Alyssa Bounty - Tease Me

Lovely brunette babe Alyssa Bounty is ready to show you how she likes her tight body to be touched. This born athlete is blessed with big breasts, big nipples, and a big appetite for sex. Let her show you how she likes it as she rides her vibrating toy to pleasure town.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Personal Pleasure'

Alyssa Bounty - Personal Pleasure

There's nothing shy about the way Alyssa Bounty gives our cameras smoldering looks that bely the depth of her sexual need. This horny bombshell doesn't know the meaning of the word no when it comes to satisfying her desires. Watch her get naked and take her magic fingers on a tour of her busty body.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Cum Again'

Alyssa Bounty - Cum Again

Puffy lips, a set of nice big breasts, and a sculpted figure are all lovely assets that Alyssa Bounty is just so proud of. This horny chick is eager to show off what she's got. As her clothes come off and her pussy gets nice and wet, she grabs a toy and then holds on for the ride.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Alyssa Bounty's Asshole Stretched Out By Big Cock'

Alyssa Bounty - Alyssa Bounty's Asshole Stretched Out By Big Cock

Alyssa Bounty is simply irresistible in her black lingerie and high heels. Her perky tits and bubble butt will surely make any man want to taste her enticing body. The beautiful slut performs a little striptease before playing with her shaved pussy. It doesn't take too long before Alyssa's irresistible charm attracts a fit stud. The naughty slut is quick to get down on her knees and suck the man's cock. The man gives Alyssa an intense pussy-licking before letting her suck his cock. After the exchange of sensual oral, the two get straight to business. The lucky stud relentlessly pounds his cock into Alyssa's asshole until he feels like he is about cum. Alyssa happily receives the man's huge load into her mouth.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Come Get It - S37:E25'

Alyssa Bounty - Come Get It - S37:E25

Sam Bourne is busy reading the paper as his lover Alyssa Bounty watches him with greedy eyes as she pretends to make breakfast. She brings the meal over to sit by Sam, but he doesn't seem to notice. Even when Alyssa strikes increasingly sexy poses and starts rubbing her twat right there at the table, Sam is so absorbed in his reading that he doesn't bat an eye.Getting to her feet, Alyssa escalates the situation by stripping out of her robe. The clothes puddle at her feet and she runs her hands up her lovely body, which finally gets Sam's attention. Pretending now that she doesn't care whether Sam follows or not, Alyssa relocates to the couch, where she waits, naked, for him to join her.Sam delivers, finally, when he joins Alyssa on the couch. He apologizes beautifully, settling between her thighs and dipping his head to eat her puss. Drawing his hand up, he shoves those fingers right in there to bang her as he licks her clit. Eventually Alyssa sits up and makes sure that Sam gets as good as he's been giving when she pulls out his fuck stick to start sucking him off. Alyssa's deep throat BJ just brings both their passion to a fever pitch as she gets Sam to lean back and let her have her way with him.Since Sam is already laying back, Alyssa just climbs right onto that fuck stick for a stiffie ride. He lets Alyssa get out all her neediness as she rocks her hips to enjoy that big D. Then Alyssa lays back and lets Sam take over doing the work as he pile drives her right in the snatch.Rolling onto her side, Alyssa moans in delight as Sam gives it to her spooning from behind. She raises one leg in the air, opening herself completely to his ministrations. Sam uses his body language to apologize for neglecting Alyssa earlier as he brings her right off.Taking control once again, Alyssa climbs back onto Sam's hardon and rides him in reverse cowgirl. She starts out in charge of her own pace, but eventually she lets Sam slip his hands beneath her bottom so she can lift her feet and let him do all the work. Bending over, Alyssa raises her ass high to let Sam reenter her pussy from behind and give her one last big O in doggy. Alyssa's pulsing pussy milks out Sam's climax, leaving him to glut Alyssa with a creampie of his hot love.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Here For The Party - S37:E16'

Alyssa Bounty - Here For The Party - S37:E16

Dressed up for Halloween, Alyssa Bounty and Lady D enjoy drinks and gossip on the couch. Alyssa runs for the door when she hears a knock and escorts Raul Costa, dressed as a pirate, inside. Taking a seat between the two ladies, Raul soon finds himself the center of attention.Lady D gets up and makes her way over to sit beside Alyssa. She whispers into Alyssa's ear that they should share Raul, and Alyssa makes it clear that she's down with that plan. Together, the girls reach forward to stroke Raul's already hard cock. They pop his man meat out and Alyssa gets to enjoy sucking him down for a BJ first. She shares nicely with Lady D, and soon the girls are working together to make sure Raul is nice and turned on to play stud to every one of their sexual fantasies.Eventually, Lady D gives up the cock to Alyssa as she hops onto the top of the couch. Spreading her thighs, she invites Raul to eat her out as Alyssa continues sucking her cock. Then Lady D hops onto Raul's fuck stick to ride him even as she leans forward to give Alyssa's dripping snatch the same treatment she has just enjoyed.When Alyssa has her turn to be in the middle, she finds herself on her hands and knees with Raul eating her out with thorough determination as she enjoys a pussy feast of her own with Lady D. Eventually Raul decides that Alyssa is ready for him, so he gets to his knees and shoves himself balls deep. Her lady style pussy pounding soon gets Alyssa moaning long and loud. She is shameless about her enjoyment!Scooting forward, Lady D lays beneath Alyssa. Raul slides into her from his position on his knees, while Alyssa moves up so that she can plant her twat on Lady D's face. Burying her cries of pleasure in Alyssa's snatch, Lady D bucks her hips as Raul gives it to her. Raul's position even lets him lean forward and lap at Alyssa's anus as Lady D continues to lap at her clit.Raul Lays down on the couch next, pulling Alyssa on top of him so that she can impale herself fully on his member. With Lady D crouched beside her to help her out in any way possible, Alyssa starts bouncing away on Raul's cock. Any time Raul pops out, Lady D sucks the juices off of him and inserts his fuck stick back into Alyssa's puss.Alyssa eventually falls to her side with Raul spooning behind her. As a reward for Lady D's help, she gets to enjoy another round of pussy feasting courtesy of Alyssa. Threading her fingers into Alyssa's hair, Lady D holds her girlfriend in just the right spot When her climax comes over her, Alyssa rears her head back but uses her hand to keep Lady D's party rolling.When the girls have finally been satisfied, they know better than to leave Raul hanging. They get on their knees together, with Alyssa doing most of the sucking and Lady D helping her out. Raul rewards both girls with a facial that leaves both girls cum covered and smiling. Leaning in, they take turns sucking Raul's fuck stick clean.

Alyssa Bounty in 'Married Men'

Alyssa Bounty - Married Men

Alyssa is a yoga instructor with a penchant for married men. It's common practice for her to start affairs with her clients after they stay at her retreat.