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Alexia Sky in 'Face Fucking Inc 7'

Alexia Sky - Face Fucking Inc 7

Joey's down in Fort Lauderdale with Buttman, and they're videotaping nerdy, bespectacled brunette slut Cherry Ferretti and Alexia Sky. On the balcony, Joey makes out with Alexia while Cherry smokes a cigarette. Inside, Buttman shoots Joey and the two young ladies frolicking. They make the old man happy by showing off cocksucking skills. It turns out that Cherry is a first-time facefucker, but with her enthusiasm and the help of Joey and Alexia, she becomes a drooling, gagging throat-pussy in no time! During a break, the girls clown around with can of whipped cream, "ejaculating" in each other's mouths and smearing the results all over themselves. Finally, Joey sprays his load in the mouth of the two messy, out of control girls.

Alexia Sky in 'We Suck 2'

Alexia Sky - We Suck 2

Two gorgeous beauties share a gooey, wet-faced, snowballing party! Dark-haired, dark-eyed crossover superstar Sasha Grey and adorable blonde spitfire Lexi Love, both in stylish lingerie, get their throats gang-fucked by 11 surging pricks, leaving their make-up trashed and their hair plastered with spit, sweat and semen. Lexi two-hand strokes as she sucks dick; Sasha gets her face drilled and dominated. They drool sperm into a metal dog bowl. Best of all, the thirsty sluts slobber semen and saliva mouth-to-mouth!

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Alexia Sky in 'Blonde Alexia Sky fucking in the chair with her natural tits'

Alexia Sky - Blonde Alexia Sky fucking in the chair with her natural tits

Alexia Sky is a dedicated TA who likes to please. But she was caught red-handed helping her boyfriend cheat and her professor doesn't trust her to work for him. Alexia is gonna have to prove just how far she'll go to win back his trust.